DOCTOx, a cosmetic brand was founded by Karl Kelana and his wife Dr Diyana. The brand consists of a wide range of skin care and make-up products that are popular for its quality ingredients used. It is well-known by many people in Malaysia, especially after the initial opening of a few premises and kiosks in AEON.

In connection with its CSR initiatives, Karl passionately shares about the activities conducted by DOCTOx, “We have been working together with Rumah Titian Kaseh and Pusat Jagaan Telaga Kasih, Kuala Lumpur since 2018. We began by helping out within the premises and later engaging and befriending the underprivileged kids. We provided for the children’s needs and also lent a helping hand to some senior citizens and single mothers in these two homes.”

An on-going CSR project organised by the brand is held once or twice a year for every 6 months. “It is a sustainable CSR programme that involves our team. This year, we are planning to aid another orphanage called Pusat Jagaan Telaga Kasih in Kota Damansara by providing them with daily necessities,” says Dr Diyana.

DOCTOx’s presence in the local and global market is expanding rapidly. In 2019, there are about 150,000 customers, hailing from as many as 30 countries, who have frequented its website. The brand leans toward ‘beauty, health and affordability’ with a 2-in-1 feature, which is ‘wear and care’. The main ingredient of their products is imported overseas before they are specially designed and formulated. All products are safe to use as they are approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH), certified safe by the Health Science Authority (HSA) besides being halal.

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