In an interview with Top 10 of Malaysia, Karl Kelana and Dr Diyana share about their brand, DOCTOx, which became well known in the local as well as in the global market. DOCTOx is a cosmetic brand consisting of a wide range of skin care and make-up products that are well known for its quality ingredients used. Founded by Karl Kelana and his wife Dr Diyana, the DOCTOx brand is well known by many people in the nation, especially after the initial opening of a few premises and kiosks in AEON. “The collaboration with AEON is a stepping stone for us to go further in the industry.

Having said that, we are committed to our online platform where the business model is much simpler, easy and fast. It is not difficult to stay with old and new customers as technology is just at your finger tips,” says Karl, a graduate of RMIT University and The One Academy. DOCTOx’s presence in the local and global market is expanding rapidly. This is reflected in the growing number of customers from various backgrounds within four years of its inception. In 2019, there are about 150,000 customers, hailing from as many as 30 countries, who have frequented their website. “The trump card of our products is definitely the material and the brand, DOCTOx itself. Whenever someone spots our products, he is sure to be able to identify us. Karl played a major role in organising marketing strategies and bringing out the uniqueness of DOCTOx whilst I am utilising all my knowledge and experience from my medical years and applying it to our products’ development,” says Dr Diyana, or more fondly known as Dr Dya. While other cosmetic manufacturers prefer ‘beauty at an affordable price’ factor to attract their customers, DOCTOx leans toward ‘beauty, health and affordability’ with a 2-in-1 feature, which is ‘wear and care’. In fact, Dya is not one to shy away from offering beauty consultation to her customers. The main ingredient of their products is imported overseas before they are specially designed and formulated.


All DOCTOx products are safe to use as they are approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH), certified safe by the Health Science Authority (HSA) besides being halal. “Though we know that there are numerous cosmetic brands in the market with their own charms and selling point, we take it as a healthy competition where we can use it as a source of reference for our own product improvement. In fact, we often take note of the development of leading cosmetics products from abroad as a source of inspiration,” says Karl. On the other hand, Dya has high hopes for DOCTOx. “By God’s grace, we look forward to our brand being on par with Estee Lauder and other international cosmetic brands in 5 year’s time. Let DOCTOx be known as a Malaysian pride and we want our community to be the one to confirm the quality of our products and be most satisfied with them.”

Content Resource: http://top10malaysia.com/main/expanding-the-frontiers-of-success/